Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Things that Makes Me Happy in Bad Times

I consider myself a happy man. But bad time comes now and often. Failing on something, doing something stupid, misbehaves from others, getting bullied, and feeling of becoming so lonely and different from others can ruin a day. And the older I am getting, the more I am having these bad times. Everyone has their ways to fight bad times, the easiest and simplest way is just sitting around and doing nothing. But I hate that because it kills time, which leads to prolonged depression. So, I am trying to find out ways to cheer myself up when I am in a bad mood. Here is what I have found so far, I will keep the list updated.

Put your headphones on, play a favorite song, search the lyrics, sing along the song while watching the lyrics

I do this over and over until I feel better. There are a lot of songs that I love to sing along, some hard rocks from Linkin Park (Blackout, A Place for my Head, Waiting for the End), some folk songs (খাঁচার ভিতর অচিন পাখি, মন তোরে) and some lovely Bangla songs (এতটা ভালবাসি, চল আরেকবার উড়ি). Most of the time, doing this for just half an hour makes me feel alive again. Although I continue doing this until I get bored :P

Open youtube, search for parkour videos, watch those all one by one

I wish I could be a parkour or a free runner. I can't be, but just watching those insane videos and putting myself in their places gives me a tremendous amount of energy. 

Doing something physical

I love outdoor sports. I love to play tennis, badminton, TT, cricket, football or anything. I love to run. I love to jump. Actually, I think I love to do anything physical. But getting myself out of my room is something that requires a lot of mental effort :P Besides, it is not always easy to find a partner to play with. Things get easy when I'm alone in my room, I do crazy things, like jumping and trying to touch the ceiling fan, doing a forward roll, do some push ups, dance with songs and what not! (oh, I am feeling so shy while writing this)

Talking to someone

Sharing their stories is something that a lot of people do when they are in a bad mood. I myself never did this before, until recently, Just talking about what you are feeling and why you are feeling relieves a lot of pain. Of course, opening myself up to someone to share my sorrows is not something I am good at, but now I have at least one friend to whom I can do this :)

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